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Dreamweaver UltraDev Features:

UltraDev has been designed specifically for application development, Dreamweaver UltraDev is a product based on the Dreamweaver core architecture. If you already use Dreamweaver, you will appreciate the familiar interface and working environment. If you are currently developing Web applications by hand or with another solution, you�ll find that Dreamweaver UltraDev makes it faster and easier to get your work done.


ASP, JSP, and CFML support
Build ASP, JSP, and Cold Fusion sites in one single development environment. There is no need to learn a new development tool every time you build a site for new application server.

Live Data Preview
Save time and avoid repetitive tasks. View and edit server-side data in the workspace and make edits on the fly. Live data is fully editable so you can continue to layout your pages and logic while working with server data.

Server behaviors
Maximize productivity with a library of server behaviors that help you easily create pages that display, navigate, and update database content.

Data Bindings Inspector
Bind objects on your page to dynamic content with a drag-and-drop interface. Insert dynamic text or images or set the values of lists, checkboxes, input fields, and other HTML tag attributes without writing code. Format the data any way you want it while working in the visual view.

Database Objects
Instantly add all of the code you need to connect to a database without having to understand or write SQL.

Query Editor
Easily browse all of the tables, views, and stored procedures in a database. Quickly test any SQL to ensure you are getting the desired results. You can also write your own SQL or import it from your favorite SQL editing environment.

Roundtrip HTML, Quick Tag Editor, and Roundtrip Server Markup
Gain speed without sacrificing control. Work in the visual environment while maintaining total access to your code with Roundtrip HTML, the Quick Tag Editor, and Roundtrip Server Markup. When you make a change in the one view, you see it reflected in the other view immediately.

Clean Code
UltraDev generates code as clean as if you had written it by hand! The server objects and scripts provided in UltraDev do not use or require extra files to be uploaded to your server as they do in competing products. As you add UltraDev objects and scripts to pages, you can see all of the code in the source view. There's no need to worry about extra include files as you might with so many other solutions.

HTML styles, CSS, and HTML table editing
Enjoy desktop-publishing-level control over the text in your Web site. Quickly apply combinations of character and paragraph styles to text with the new HTML Style Palette.

Cascading style sheet (CSS) support lets you easily configure character and paragraph level styles for a site and share them with the entire development team with cascading style sheets. The choice between HTML styles or CSS styles gives unparalleled flexibility and control. Sophisticated HTML table editing lets you quickly apply formatting to cells, rows, columns, and discrete selections.

Customizable work environment
Tune UltraDev for maximum productivity. The entire application can be customized using JavaScript and XML to modify menus, commands, objects, HTML rendering, and more.

HTML table editing
Quickly apply formatting to cells, rows, columns, and discrete selections. Save time sorting and formatting tables in UltraDev as you would in Microsoft Word or Excel. Predefined and editable table formats let you rapidly build tables with complementary colors and layouts to create appealing, browser-safe table designs.

Dynamic data formatting
Quickly apply currency and date formatting, URL encoding, and more to database content or server expressions without having to code by hand.

Integrated text editors
The full commercial version of Dreamweaver UltraDev includes a tightly integrated version of HomeSite 4.5 (Windows) and tightly integrated trial version of BBEdit (Macintosh), giving you total control and access to code.

Support for industry-standard application servers
Build sites for robust industry servers such as Microsoft IIS, Allaire ColdFusion, IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, and Netscape Enterprise Server. Easily extend UltraDev to support other servers such as PHP and Tango.

COM and JavaBean extensibility
Build Web sites that connect to back end database systems using standard application servers, COM Objects or JavaBeans. Easily add your company�s objects to UltraDev through our powerful Extension API.

Extensive database support
Specify exactly how you want your Web site to connect to databases using ODBC, JDBC, ADO, or native drivers for optimal performance. Configure standard database connections to industry servers like Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, and Sybase.

Programmable JavaScript API
Add your own custom objects, behaviors, server scripts, commands, and more using Dreamweaver UltraDev powerful APIs. Customize UltraDev to suit your individual work environment and maximize productivity.

Integration with leading development tools
Streamline workflow between applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Fireworks, and Microsoft Office. Features such as Clean Up Word HTML and controls for easily integrating tabular data allow you to easily take content from Microsoft Word, as well as Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheets.

System Requirements:
Windows: Intel Pentium Processor or equivalent 120+ MHz • Windows 95/98/00 or NT version 4.0 or later • 48 MB of available RAM • 30 MB of available disk space • 256-color monitor capable of 800x600 resolution • CD-ROM drive

Power Macintosh: OS 8.6 or later • 48 MB of available RAM • 30 MB of available disk space • Color monitor capable of 800x600 resolution • CD-ROM drive

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