Bill Kennelly's Story of Hypertext
Welcome to Bill Kennelly's Hypertext site. Here we will look at the history of hypertext, the key figures, the reasons for its development.
Mention hypertext, and most people think of the World Wide Web and HTML, but hypertext is more than words and characters that are formatted according to a document markup language, it is a framework for storing and retrieving data that is remarkably similar in operation to the human mind.
This may not have been the prime reason or goal, but it is one that I believe has been met as close as is currently possible. Does it require any effort to read this page or follow a link to the next one? Is it any different to turning the page of a book, that we do without thinking?
The whole idea behind hypertext is to make knowledge available and easily useable - to aid human cognition.
I hope you enjoy your visit here, and all comments are welcomed.
To start reading the Story of Hypertext, follow one of the links below. Timeline gives you the major points in chronological order, you can go backwards and forwards. Or Issues gives you all the key points by group, to choose from.

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